Where do you deliver to?

Currently we only deliver to United Kingdom addresses. That's just the way it is. Our postpersons can neither fly nor swim over large bodies of water.

Is postage included in card prices?

Yes it is, but please check the delivery page for full details.

What are your delivery times?

We aim to despatch all orders within 2 days. And they all come to you via Royal Mail. Check the delivery page for full details.

Do you use recycled card?

No we don't, but it's sustainable. Next best thing. And they can be recycled the usual ways once they've done their thing. 

Do I have to send your insult cards to people I don't like?

Not at all. That's what they are intended for, but you can send them to anyone you want. Friends, enemies, family, MPs who aren't pulling their weight, Popes, untalented pop stars - it's your money!

So is the latest Impossible Mission film any good?

If they had fewer endless conversations about keys, and fewer minutes in the running time, it would have been more fun.

I think my husband is having an affair. What can I do?

We can do you a card for that. Or you can pop round for a quick one, we don't have much on this afternoon.